People of Paris have begun to riot in protest America First (The Truth Be With You)

by Catwalk, Saturday, November 24, 2018, 15:30 (623 days ago)

The people of Paris have begun to riot in protest of Pres. Donald Trump's American first policy. Because Trump is a nationalist and wants America to benefit from international trade deals and military security agreements. The French people I waken up to this American first scheme and are demanding that America be 68 instead of first. For no one if America attempts to make any kind of fair trade deals that may benefit them the people in Paris will riot and tear down the Paris establishment, Viva la France.

We are also seeing reprisals coming from Germany who are requesting that they be put ahead of France and that France be placed fourth on the list still leaving America 68th. There are also rumors that Venezuela will be making a move to raise their ranking when it comes to international trade. The Venezuela president said he is tired of always having to negotiate 14th knowing that his people will pay the price for every deal made with other countries that rank higher than Venezuela.

It is the feeling of most of the country throughout the world that America has no right to negotiate contracts that benefit the American people

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