Ford's Female Witness Doesn't Remember Anything! (The Truth Be With You)

by OneToMany, Sunday, September 23, 2018, 00:22 (685 days ago)
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Christine Blasey Ford has named several people who would be witnesses to, or have knowledge of, what she says happened to her. Patrick Smyth denies it. Mark Judge denies it. Brett Kavanaugh denies it. People have claimed these are all men who went to school together, so they must be protecting themselves. What about any female witnesses?

Christine Blasey Ford said there was one. Her name is Leland Keyser. She was Ford's classmate. She was not an eye witness, but Ford said she had knowledge of the party and assault. I have obtained Keyser's attorney's letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ms. Keyser denies any knowledge of the events Christine Blasey Ford describes. So, to recap, every single person referenced by Ford denies knowing anything except Ford and she can't tell us when or where the event happened. Even Ford's own classmate denies having knowledge of the event.


Ford's Female Witness Doesn't Remember Anything!

by Snoppy dog, Thursday, October 04, 2018, 13:18 (673 days ago) @ OneToMany

Latest reports say this acutely happened in the waiting line at Jack in the box and was viewed by 48 people. Cell phone videos are available on YouTube.

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