California Town Wants to Be a Sanctuary—for Gun Owners (The Truth Be With You)

by Dan Frank, Thursday, July 04, 2019, 00:09 (680 days ago)

NEEDLES, Calif.—The Old West desert town of Needles, California, is gaining fame. Leaders have declared it a “sanctuary city” for people who believe California’s strict gun laws have encroached too much on their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
The City Council in the town of 5,000 that borders Arizona and is a few miles from the southern tip of Nevada last month unanimously declared Needles a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary City.” The vote had no immediate practical impact on how guns are treated in the city. Rather, the Needles city attorney was directed to draw up a resolution asking the California Legislature to allow licensed gun owners in other states to carry their firearms in town.


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